M132 Microgun replica Afisare la marime maxima

M132 Microgun replica


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  • Caracteristici: M132 Microgun replica

  • Blow-Back
  • Producator
    Clasic Army
  • Viteza m/s (0.20gr)
    145-150 m/s
  • Materiale folosite
  • Mod tragere
    Full auto
  • Hop-Up reglabil
  • Greutate
    4300 gr.
  • Lungime replica
  • Lungime teava interna
    4 x 650 mm
  • Capacitate bile incarcator
  • Greutate bile recomandata
  • Jouli
    2 J
  • Culoare
  • Mentiuni
    Hybryda: HPA + elektryczny, Gas propulsion - Green Gas
  • Garantie
    6 luni

A replica of the M332 Microgun If you are scared off by the size and weight of the powerful plot M134 Vulcan Minigun ... the Classic Army brand has prepared something special for you! A replica of the compact, four-barrel M132 Microgun gun will ensure dominance on every airsoft battlefield while maintaining handy dimensions and providing the operator with high mobility! The replica was made mostly of reinforced nylon plastic which guarantees lightness of the construction at just over 4kg - in contrast to the bigger brother, this baby will not only work on vehicles, but also during dynamic games, allowing the user to maneuver easily and move quickly between fire stations. Four external barrels and key parts of the replica mechanism were made of metal. The replica has the ability to drive in the HPA system (max 110 PSI) or directly from the greengas cylinder with a thread, which allows to achieve rate of fire at 38 balls per second (2280 shots per minute!) - which in combination with a magazine for 2200 balls gives a crushing fire advantage . The barrels are rotated using an electric motor - compatible with batteries up to 11.1V (max 12V). The great advantage of the power systems used is the excellent reliability of the system that allows you to enjoy the replica without worrying about the failure. Magazine with a capacity of 2200 BBs is located in the main carrier tube for barrels. It is equipped with a spring clamp which minimizes the rattling of balls and makes it, in contrast to the competition, can shoot at any angle. Each of the 350mm barrels is equipped with a fully adjustable hop-up system. Importantly, the system is compatible with standard barrels and erasers of AEG systems. Classic Army plans to develop the platform with additional trigger models, bases for vehicles or modules for the installation of optics, which will allow the product to be adapted to each customer's needs without the need for risky, independent alterations. NOTE: The manufacturer does not guarantee full compatibility with the various types of green gas cylinders available on the market. The set includes: - replica - dedicated HPA connector

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M132 Microgun replica

M132 Microgun replica

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